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What exactly Documentary Family    

Photography is?
So word Documentary photography means creating photographs of people involved in real events. So I will capture your family who they are. Your routines, habits, traditions which makes you. It can be a very simple day, a lazy weekend, birthday or even a picnic I will capture the story of your day in such a way that you will love it. I just want you to be yourself. No poses, No direction. This session is all about the magic of everyday moments. I will capture the real smiles, frowns, tears which are part of a routine day. You might feel that there isn’t anything special going on in your simple regular day but there are so many magical moments hidden in our day to day life which you will realise after looking at the photographs. It can be anything from waking up your child, good morning kisses, brushing, changing diapers, chasing your toddler, having lunch together. Those lil hugs, potty time right when you sit for your lunch is not new  These lil moments you might remember now but will you remember them after 10-20 yrs?

These mundane are worth remembering. I can say it because that is what I have been doing for my family. Today we might not realise it but after few years these small moments will be lifetime memories for you and your kids because they are going to be little just for a while.

Would you like to pass the childhood memories to your children to remember it? Would you like to make them feel how their real childhood looked like? Then this is the right session for you.

Will there be any posed photographs?
The documentary photography is different than other photoshoots. Hence, there will be no posed photographs. The objective is to capture your real life moments and create a documentary for you.

What should we do before the session?
Don’t do anything. Just treat it like any other day of your routine life.

How long does it take to receive the photos?
I shall share few photograph with you in a weeks time but the full gallery will take around 3 weeks.

Can I have the Raw file?
Nope! Photos are incomplete without processing. So Raw files are not shared with you.

Can I upload the pictures on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media?
Yes, you can. We create moments to be shared with everyone. The only request is to please credit me for the pictures by linking to our website, Facebook and instagram page.


I have few more queries, what should I do?
I will be more than happy to answer all your queries. Please do mail or call given in the contact information and i will get back to you as early as possible.

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