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Its' Me

Hello. I am Manasi, a creative creature, commercial artist and a passionate photographer since the early 2000. Throughout my career since I started family photography, my biggest inspiration has been helping families preserve their important moments of life. I started family documentary photography from 2018  and it was then I discovered how much I enjoy doing this. When you book a session with me, I guarantee that no matter how challenging the circumstances, I will get you some great shots.

In order to improvise and get better in this style of photography, I have attended many workshops, seminars and online tutorials. But the most remembered ones was the workshop in 2018 with world’s best documentary family photographer Kirsten Lewis 2018.

Now something about how am I as a person? I am fun loving, caring and I love to travel. I always like to explore new locations, try out home stays and the delicious local cuisine of the regions. I might sound crazy but I love to wake up early on my vacations and either go for walk or cycling or just capture some beautiful surroundings. Jump rope is my new craze and I am learning to do it better everyday.

I am a foodie but I have also learned some good eating and exercise habits. Chocolate cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes are something I indulge in and totally enjoy.

Finally, I want every parent and child to have such photographs that will tell their story of parenting and childhood, so they can also relive their beautiful day to day life which otherwise is a routine for them.

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