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3 reasons why dad loves documentary family photography

Documentary family sessions are specially liked by dads. You wanna know why dad loves documentary photography approach?

  1. They don’t need to put any extra efforts for posing

  2. They don’t need to get dressed specially for photo session

  3. They can do their routine as usual

Documentary approach is when I will not direct you for posing, I will not ask you what to wear but capture how your real life looks like. How your lazy or busy day looks like.

The real laughs, the real frowns and the real moments of bonding is the speciality of such sessions.

Don’t believe it?

Check the photos in this blog post and you will get a fair idea.

Dad love these sessions because it does not have any awkward poses, shoot special attire or losing your patience because kids are not posing to get perfect family photo.

It’s a fun way to capture some authentic real moments of your family. The moments which will always be special for you and your family for years to come.

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