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Memories which will stay
with you forever captured by best family photographer in Mumbai

It can be a very simple day, a lazy weekend, birthday or a picnic, I will capture the story of your day in such a way that will make you think - OHH!! My routine life looks so beautiful and these moments are so priceless. Exactly what I aim to provide to all the lovely families i.e. Introduce them to this different style of photography where I just want you to be yourself. No poses. No direction. These sessions are all about the magic of your everyday moments which we tend to overlook in our fast paced life. I will capture the real smiles, frowns, tears which are part of a routine day. You might feel that there isn’t anything special going on in your simple regular day, but there are so many magical moments hidden in our daily life which you will realise after looking at the photos. It can be anything from waking up your child, good morning kisses, brushing, changing diapers, eating breakfast, chasing your toddler, bathing, visiting a grocery shop, playing in a park, having lunch together and so on (the list is endless)

I am sure you have questions


What will the photos actually look like?

I am sure you will be eager to know how the photos will look like. I will only say "They are beautiful and priceless". Experience it here


What is the investment?

It's not a COST or PRICE. I call it Investment coz in return you are going to get so many beautiful memories which will be cherished for life 


Will this work for my family?

If not your family, than who :)

My photo sessions are for you and your lovely family at ease of your convenience and is stress-free for all 



Archana Jagtap

I was filled with emotions when I looked at the pictures clicked of my newborn by Manasi. The moments she captured are always gonna be special for our family.  


Supriya Shinde

This was the most stress free shoot we had for our family. We were just being ourselves the entire time of shoot and the results are stunning. Manasi captured our life story.


Ami Mahale

Each and every photographs from our photo session takes me to memory lane. My child is growing up so quickly and this is the best gift we will have as

a family.

Meet Manasi

Hey there, I’m Manasi, a creative creature, commercial artist and a passionate photographer since the early 2000 and mother of a lovely daughter. Photography is an art with many genres and category but I love documenting families, kids, children coz childhood is something I am passionate about. I started documenting our daughter's childhood since the day she was born and those moments we still cherish and take us back to those memory lanes. Although these moments are from our normal routine day, but these captured moments will always remind us of her innocence which will eventually fade as she grows older. I must admit that I get really emotional while reliving these moments. 



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